Favourite Toy For My Babies

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Shortly after my twins turned 3 months old, they started opening their hands more and wanted to grab everything they saw, including pulling all of my hair out of my head! I immediately saw big differences in their sensory needs, something that I wouldn’t have picked up on if I wasn’t an OT.

Sensory Block

While the first born twin, A, was happy to just grab my finger and touch his blanket every now and again, my second born, L, wanted to touch and grab EVERYTHING! Initially I thought that he was just curious, as he always wants to look around and hates lying down. Because let’s face it, you can only look at your mobile so many times before it gets boring… I soon realized that L might be tactile seeking. I started paying closer attention to his needs and saw that every time we give him his little sheep (a comfort blanket that he got for Christmas from his aunt), he would start fidgeting with it and fall asleep soon after. Clearly, tactile input was calming him down.

My mother-in-law told me a story a few weeks ago about how her husband fidgeted with their pillowcases until all the corners were broken. My husband is also constantly fidgeting with everything around him and clearly L was the third generation fidgeter.

But wait, his mother is an OT! I can fix this and help him before it interferes with his schoolwork and concentration one day. His little blue sheep helps him calm down, but it also makes him fall asleep. Therefore, it has become a sleep association for him. I obviously don’t want to confuse the little guy and give him his sheep to play with during play time, as he associates it with sleep. I needed something else.

My friends told me about Moon Bug and that they make beautiful baby toys and practical baby accessories. When I went to go look at their Facebook page, I saw that they made Sensory Blocks! This is exactly what I needed for little L and his brother! I immediately ordered two and you know what, they love it!

MoonBug Sensory Blocks

L plays with his Sensory Block constantly and he loves feeling all of the different textures that it provides. It also calms him down during play time, but he still gets his little sheep for nap time. 

I guess you are thinking, “But why buy two? A is not tactile seeking, so he does not need one.” You are right, he does not need one for his sensory needs, but he does need one to still explore different textures. Touch is the link between our bodies and the outside world and babies use their tactile system to learn about their surrounding environment. Through touch, they learn about the differences between hard and soft, warm and cold, smooth and rough, big and small, etc. And let’s face it, babies are never too young to start learning. 

These blocks are definitely their, and my, favourite toy at the moment and the quality is exceptional! It has so many different textures on them and they are stunning! Both of them even have airplane pictures on them - something my husband, the pilot, is very happy to see!

Check out Moon Bug on Facebook and Instagram to order your Sensory Block today!

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