Fidget Spinners – An OT’s opinion

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Fidget Spinners are taking over the world at the moment and just about every second child has one. So why do Occupational Therapists recommend them and teachers hate them?

Fidget Spinners - OT Kids

For children who display tactile seeking behaviour, fidget spinners are one of the most recommended fidget toys. It is small enough to fit in a child's hand, does not make any noise and provides the child with the needed tactile input.


Children who display tactile seeking behaviour, benefits from having something to play with in class. It helps them get into the optimal state of arousal, which consequently improves their concentration. Why is it a teachers's worst nightmare then? Because when the whole class has one, including the children who don't need them, it becomes a nuisance and distracts all the children. This is a very sad truth as teachers are now banning them from their classrooms and the children who benefit from using them, are not allowed to play with them anymore. 


These children now need to find other ways in order to feed their tactile system and resolve to biting their pencils, clicking the back of their pens or fidgeting with their books or clothes. It is our responsibility to provide them with something new to play with in class, to get their concentration back to where it should be. There are a lot of new fidget toys on the market at the moment, the Fidget Cube probably being the most functional.


The Fidget Cube is a small square cube with a different fidget on each side. It is also small enough to fit into a child's hand and does not make any noise. One of the advantaged of the Fidget Cube is that it has a different types of fidgets on it, which provides the child with different types of tactile input.

Fidget Spinners - OT Kids

In conclusion, Fidget Spinners are a great tool for the children who need it! But not every child needs one... Please consider this before buying your child a Fidget Spinner or allowing them to take it to school with them. 

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